Social Affairs Unit

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Nils Cunow

Hello, I am Nils Cunow and I am in my second semester studying biochemical engineering.

I’m your social affairs officer for the AStA. If you have problems that make studying difficult for you or if you have suggestions for how to improve your studies at this university, I always have an open ear for you. As long as you put your mind to it, there is no problem you can’t solve.

If you have any questions or concerns, ou can reach me under te follwing email:


Pursuant to Section 11 of the Rules of Procedure

(1) The counsellor for social affairs identifies and addresses social obstacles in his studies and makes an active contribution to overcoming them.

(2) The social policy officer supports the students in the realization of their individual life plans. This is particularly true in the case of

  • Students with children or other persons in need of care
  • Topics related to student finance (BAföG, scholarships, student loans/education funds, etc.)
  • Students with disabilities or chronic illness
  • Students with other difficult social conditions

(3) The*The Social Affairs Officer offers himself as a contact person for personal problems during his studies. It is an intermediary between counsellors and the counselling services of the University, the Studentenwerk and other organisations.

(4) The*The Social Affairs Officer is the contact person for students who want to realize social projects.

(5) The social affairs officer draws up and maintains an overview of frequently occurring issues/questions and corresponding solutions/answers (FAQ) on the AStA website.

(6) The Social Affairs Officer develops projects to improve the housing situation for students.

(7) The Social Affairs Officer looks after students when applying to the semester ticket hardship fund and is working on a revision of the guidelines.

(8) The*The Social Affairs Officer is a neutral party for conflict resolution.

This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)