Department of Public Affairs

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Chiara Wiegand aka Kiri

Hey hey,

my name is Kiri, I’m 24 and currently studying General Engineering Science.

As a public relations officer I take care of the weekly newsletter and our public presence (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) I’m trying to make the decisions of the AStA and everything else that happens as transparent as possible to keep you updated.

If you have any questions/suggestions/criticism feel free to send me an e-mail:


Pursuant to Article 8 of the Rules of Procedure

(1) The Head of Public Affairs shall ensure that the AStA presents itself transparently to the public and to external parties. They communicate relevant decisions to the students in a comprehensible way.

(2) The public affairs officer shall formulate and publish the decisions of the student body in the form of position papers, letters of recommendation or minutes.

(3) The Public Affairs Officer provides media channels for communication with students for the AStA, the student councils and for the working groups of the AStA. The channels can be updated independently by authorised people who are approved by the speaker; free access must be guaranteed.

(4) The public affairs officer is the contact person for external companies.

(5) The public affairs officer shall advertise for the AStA within their possibilities. This includes in particular making the AStA and its function better known among students and encouraging them to participate.

(6) The public affairs officer manages and maintains the AStA homepage.

This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)