Department of Equality

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Charlotte Pökert

Hello people,

My name is Charlotte and I am studying AIW in the 4th semester.

I am also currently the head of the department of equality at the AStA. I deal with everything that concerns the equality of all students at this university, e.g. in the area of gender equality and queer* issues. If you have any concerns, you have a problem or an idea, write an email to


Pursuant to Section 12 of the Rules of Procedure

(1) The *The Gender Equality Officer checks the TUHH for structurally and substantively discriminatory and sexist elements and counteracts them.

(2) The Counsellor for Gender Equality is committed to enabling all, especially non-heteronorormativer, life plans at the university.

(3) The Gender Equality Officer advocates gender-appropriate language within the university, but especially within the student representation.

(4) The speaker regularly contacts the Equality Officer and the University’s Gender Equality Unit to discuss current problems and upcoming projects.

(5) Together with the Equal Opportunities Officer and the University’s Equal Opportunities Unit, the aim is to promote the establishment of a cross-functional Equality Council in order to prevent all forms of discrimination at university.

(6) The Gender Equality Officer supports the Social Affairs Unit in its work, especially for students with disabilities or chronic diseases.

(7) The Gender Equality Officer is launching a student working group for equality.

(8) The Gender Equality Officer serves as the contact person and coordination centre for events dealing with equality and discrimination and helps to organise these events.

(9) The Gender Equality Officer is committed to the establishment of an anti-discussion unit, which is designated as such, at the university.

This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)