Department for infrastructure

Department for infrastructure

David Levi Ng

DSCF5305 300x200 - Department for infrastructureMoin, my name is Levi. I’m from Dithmarschen and I’m happily studying electronical engineering at the TU. The work in our committees is a lot of fun and I think it is important to get involved voluntarily and politically.

If you plan an event in the LuK or the Cafe, we will probably work together und I will make sure that you have music, microphones, light, power, etc. I also try to make sure that you have clean and working rooms. And of course, that they will be left that way. You could plan a goa Party! 🙂

Lucie Hill

DSCF5123 300x200 - Department for infrastructureHallo, my name is Lucie.

I study mechanical engineering and am from Hamburg.I have always liked to engage myself in my surroundings and I’m always happy to help. I might be new to the AStA, but if you have a question or idea or need help with something, I will be happy to support you. Mostly of course, if it concerns infrastructure.

You can often find me on Campus in the cafe or in the AStA’s office in the E building. I’m always happy to meet new people and sometimes talk about my work in the uni. See you soon.