The Board

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In addition to coordinating the departments and designing the business processes, the board represents the students inside and outside the TUHH.

If you have questions, don’t know what to do with your problems or can’t find a direct contact person, you can simply contact us at vorstand(at) We support you in the best possible way and forward you if necessary.

Theresia Hachmöller

Hallo everybody, my name is TT. A short while ago I completed my bachelor degree in chemical engineering in my 8th semester. Now I am part of the head of the AStA till I am going to continue my master studies. Furthermore I am part of the committee for strategy making for studies and teaching and of the committee for gender equality at the TUHH. In case you have any questions according to that, general questions about the AStA or you want to participate in the student’s self-administration, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mareike Wendelmuth

Department of Finance – Matthew Shidner

the financer’s page

Tasks under §4 of the Rules of Procedure

(1) The Board coordinates the AStA members.

(2) The Executive Board supports the AStA members in developing and implementing a working structure and reflects on it with them if necessary. This should be based on objectives, meaning, documentation, communication, transparency and ethics. With this in mind, the Board coordinates knowledge assurance in accordance with section 3 (8).

(3) The executive committee is authorized to issue instructions to the staff of the secretariat.

(4) The Board, in consultation with the AStA members and the Students’ Parliament (StuPa), shall lay down the guidelines of the AStA.

(5) Members of the Board are authorised to sign for the AStA in all matters. Legal declarations are to be treated separately according to §20 paragraph 2.

(6) The Board represents the AStA in

  1. StuPa meetings
  2. AStA-FSR-StuPa meetings (round table of chairmen and chairwomen)
  3. Advisory board meetings (VBR)
  4. Landes-ASten-Konferenz (LAK) or sends a speaker
  5. regular meetings with the University Board

(7) The executive committee is the contact person for the student bodies.

(8) The chairperson shall represent the AStA The deputy chairperson shall represent the chairperson. The Finance Officer represents the Deputy Chairperson. According to §22 paragraph 1 of the statutes of the student body.

(9 ) The financial officer is in charge of the financial transactions of the AStA.

(10) The financial officer only has the right to veto cooperation with sponsors together with one other member of the board.

(11) The Financial Officer manages the keys and transponders of the AStA.

(12) The Board is informed about the objectives and activities of all working groups of the AStA and all persons responsible for the project.

(13) On behalf of the Infrastructure Department, the Board can refer to measures that serve to protect against noise and ensure the safety of events.

(14) In the event that a Department is vacant, the Board may take over the official duties.

This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)