They’re taking away our rooms!

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We – your AStA – have some rooms at the university at our disposal, among others the study rooms. For example, we manage the study rooms in building A and building Q.

All of you who have been studying at the university for some time know the shortage of rooms. To combat this shortage, the new Building B was co-financed from old tuition fees. Building B was originally designed as a student center. In the meantime, many rooms have already been passed on to other TU-internal institutions.

However, due to the financial emergency of the university, no new premises can be rented. New institutes and their staff cannot be accommodated anywhere. Professors have to move into existing seminar rooms, such as those in Channel 4.

These seminar rooms are thus no longer available for regular courses. Therefore, the university has to look for other rooms as a substitute.

Some rooms are not available for courses either because there is not enough air circulation. The rooms cannot be permitted with appropriate air filters due to financial restrictions.

The Authority for Science, Research, Equality and Districts (BWFGB) has acknowledged that renting new space is essential. Unfortunately, the financial authority does not want to provide additional funds.

Here comes the problem: TU sees no choice but to access student learning spaces. 4 of 6 of our new learning spaces and the conference room in Building B are now booked for other purposes. The legal basis is there that we cannot sue against this taking away.

We find this unacceptable.

We call on the Financial Authority of Hamburg and the BWFGB to provide the TUHH with the appropriate financial means to guarantee the rental of new rooms and to sufficiently equip the rooms already used for courses for teaching in the coming winter semester.

If you would like to share your frustration with this situation with the administration as well, click here. You can then customize the message.

Let’s work together to fight this!

Department for Public Affairs

This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)