The Learning and Communication Centre (LuK)

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The Learning and Communication Centre (LuK)
The LuK is located in the east wing of the main building. It consists of several rooms that can be booked. All necessary documents can be downloaded here.

You can view the room booking here (only on the TU network)

The Lounge
The lounge is perfect for larger events such as Christmas parties, lectures, etc.
A counter and event technology such as lighting systems, beamers or micros are available, which can also be booked.

During unused hours, the lounge is available to students as a learning room, which is why it can usually only be rented during the lecture period.

The multi-purpose rooms
There is the small and the large multipurpose room that can be connected to demand.

The kitchen
The kitchen can also be booked. It is equipped with all necessary devices and can be used by anyone depending on the current user group. Just ask if you can’t heat up your food in the microwave or bake your pizza.
Remember, you’ll clean up your mess on your own. The responsibility lies with the user group, but they usually don’t want to clean up after everyone. Therefore, you are also allowed to refuse the use of the kitchen to outsiders.

The Café
The café is the room for smaller events. Equipped with comfortable seating and a counter, the café offers many possibilities for different groups of students and groups.

The Foosball Room
In the kicker room, as the name suggests, two kickers are available. What the name does not reveal, however, is also a keyboard.

The Workshop
If you don’t have enough space to do handicrafts, you can use the workshop.

This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)