housing exchange

PB BEWERBUNG 400x280 - housing exchange

The Public Affairs Department is looking for a project manager for the implementation of a housing exchange. To the housing exchange: The idea is to create a portal for students on which students and external apartments can offer. Students should be able to filter the advertisements according to cost, place of residence and type of advertisement. If you want to […]

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AStA in 100 seconds

AStAin100s Bewerbung 400x280 - AStA in 100 seconds

The department Public Affairs is looking for a project officer*n for AStA in 100 seconds. To AStA in 100 seconds: You have a free hand over the content. The aim is to introduce the committees and activities on campus to motivate students to participate. Examples can be found on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J527qYGzkME If you want to contact me (Joseph […]

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