Call for donations for refugees in Northern France

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In the cities of Calais, Dunkirk and large parts of the European Channel Coast, several thousand refugees are currently waiting in the hope of migrating across the Channel to Great Britain. These people are not politically wanted – neither in Calais, Dunkirk and the surrounding area or in Great Britain – so that safe migration routes are blocked and crossing the English Channel without risking their lives is made almost impossible. As a result, many of these refugees are forced to live in precarious living conditions for weeks, if not months, sometimes even years. Most of them live in camps where they are exposed to police violence every day, because the french police confiscates and destroys personal property and thus essential belongings of the migrants.

Last September, the police carried out an extremely brutal eviction of the camps as well as other violent acts against the people living in the camps. In addition to everyday police violence, the camps have been destroyed more and more, so that the living conditions there are constantly worsening.

The police measures are intended to expel migrants from the city However, what happens as a result of the measures is the destruction of infrastructure built up in the camps, physical and psychological violence against the people on site and loss of livelihoods.

This cannot and must not continue!

In order to support the resistance against the police and political measures at least a little bit and to supply the people as far as possible with essential necessities of life, we start this call for donations.

We are a small collective of people who regularly and irregularly travel to Calais and support existing projects there with cooking, first aid and the distribution of donations and whatever is needed. In addition, people who only support from Hamburg also participate in our collective .

Now winter is just around the corner in Calais. Therefore, there is an urgent need for children and adults:

• Warm and rainproof clothing (jackets, sweaters)
• Shoes
• Tents
• Scleeping bags
• Isomats
• Blankets and tarpaulins

Besides winter important things are also urgently needed:

• Cell phones
• Flashlights
• Powerbanks
• Charging cables
• Chop Saw, best: Bosch GCM 10S Professional, 254mm blade

If you have any of these items or are willing to buy them, please bring them to the following locations in the period of 30th of November till the 19th of December 2020. . Please be aware of the general corona hygiene guidelines.

• TurTur (Am Veringhof 13, Wilhelmsburg): Mondays 4pm till 7pm
Café Knallhart (Vom Melle Park 9, Grindelviertel/ Uni Hamburg): Tuesdays 6pm till 7pm
• Sauerkrautfabrik (Kleiner Schippsee 22, Harburg): Wednesdays 6pm till 7pm
and Fridays 5pm till 9pm
• Viertelzimmer (Rosenallee 11, Münzviertel): Thursday 6pm till 7pm
Südpol (Süderstraße 112-114, Hammerbrook/ Garderobe auf dem Hof): Saturdays 2pm till 4pm

Besides material donations, monetary donations are also welcome. You can transfer money to the account below Unfortunately we cannot issue a donation receipt. t. If you want to donate a larger amount and need a receipt, please write to

Thank you very much for your support!

Account holder: welt*RAUM e.V
IBAN: DE30 4306 0967 2041 7364 00
Purpose: Spende Biscuit for Calais

Further information on the current situation in Calais you can find following:

and on the Biscuits 4 Calais Social Media channels:

Biscuits for Calais , Biscuits4Calais

This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)