Audimax Kreativ

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Die studentische Initiative AudimaxKREATIV – Ein Zeitstrahl

Die studentische Initiative AudimaxKREATIV arbeitet seit an der Neugestaltung der Außenwände des Audimax 1 der TUHH. Folgend findets du einen antichronologischen Zeitstrahl mit den bisherigen Aktivitäten sowie allen Dokumenten und Veröffentlichungen. Bei Fragen oder Anmerkungen zum Projekt melde dich gerne unter:

September 2018 – Die Wände sind bemalt

Nach Wochen harter Arbeit der Künstler und Helfer sind die Außenwände des Audimax 1 nun endlich fertig!

Oktober 2018 – Einweihung

Am 11.10.2018 werden die Wände offiziell eingeweiht. Anschließend gibt es Getränke, eine Ausstellung lokaler Künstler aus der Sprüher-Scene sowie die Möglichkeit das Sprühen selber einmal auszuprobieren.

September 2018 – Die Wände sind bemalt

Nach Wochen harter Arbeit der Künstler und Helfer sind die Außenwände des Audimax 1 nun endlich fertig!

July 2018 – Implementation

The outer walls of the Audimax 1 are being redesigned.

An overview of accompanying public events will follow in a timely manner.

June 2018 – Introduction of the motif

The designed motif will be signed after the signing of the contract with the Presidium of z.rog and pen _ cake on the 27th of 06. Presented by the artist duo at 17:30.

January 2018 – The result

The vote will be held and the quorum will be reached. Almost 4000 people (32% of those e>ntitled to vote) take part in the vote! With a clear majority of almost 44%, the concept of partly & pen _ cake wins. The exact results of the vote can be found here.

November 2017-The vote

Several concepts of different artists * inkollective to paint the Audimax 1 have been received. In order to allow maximum acceptance among all status groups at TUHH, the coordination group makes a pre-selection of the concepts. Two painting concepts are available for selection. Ein Konzept des Hamburger Künstlerduo z.rog & pen_cake sowie ein Konzept des spanischen Künstlers Felipe Pantone (in Kooperation des Urban Art Institute Hamburg) werden neben der Option einer schlichten weißen Wand werden zur Abstimmung gegeben. In order for the vote to paint Audimax 1 to be as representative and fair as possible, the following electoral rules are defined:

  • All TUHH members with the right to vote for the academic senate are entitled to vote.
  • In order for the result of the vote to apply, at least 25% of all persons entitled to vote must participate.

The concept of For example, & pen _ cake as well as that of Urban Art Institute You can find here. The Hamburger Abendblatt reports on the project.

June 2017 – The call

The call for the painting of the Audimax 1 is published and disseminated specifically in artistic circles in Hamburg. You can find the call to paint the Audimax 1 here.

April 2017 – The collection of ideas

For almost two months, all people at TUHH were able to submit ideas for the redesign of the Audimax 1. Nearly 50 creative ideas were introduced. Suggestions (partly wild) constructions, vertical greens and various paintings. All ideas are categorized (painting, construction, greening, other) and tested for their feasibility. It turns out that a vast majority of the ideas submitted (about 56%) are in favour of painting. Since such a one also best meets the agreed framework, the Coordination Group decides to draw up a public call for the painting of the Audimax 1. Here you will find the presentation, which was shown during an information event after the ideacollection.

January 2017 – The project

After initial discussions with the Presidium, a framework book and a project plan are agreed. The goal: The redesign should be as inclusive and democratic as possible. In order to realize this, there should be three phases, empowering as many people as possible at TUHH to participate:

  1. Collection of ideas – What is it supposed to be like? The aim is to inform about the project and make the process transparent. All contributions are welcome, be they ideas, concerns or concrete design proposals.
  2. Call for tenders – Who can do it? A coordination group will be formed, with representatives of all the university’s status groups. This group then formulates a public tender that takes into account all contributions made to the collection of ideas.
  3. Vote – What is being done? After the completion of the call for tenders, the Coordination Group makes a pre-selection with all the feasible proposals. This pre-selection will then vote among all people at TUHH.

The frame booklet as well as an information sheet for the collection of ideas can be found here.

December 2016 – The initiation

AudimaxKREATIV is the starting form. You have set yourself the goal of redesigning the exterior walls of Audimax 1. “Because the Audimax 1 is present not only as a lecture hall in the everyday life of the students, but also as a central building in the heart of the TU campus. However, the grey and monotonous exterior walls of the Audimax do not do justice to a modern and creative atmosphere, which from the point of view of the initiator should be part of a forward-looking teaching and research.

This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)